My Friend

If you’re listening on your phone select the Listen in Browser option. If you select Play on SoundCloud, you’ll possibly get an older version or the file won’t load at all. The SoundCloud app stinks.

Every April here in Catawba County, North Carolina, hardworking and bighearted volunteers organize the “Veterans’ Stand-Down.” Many of the volunteers are veterans themselves. Veterans in need, some of them homeless, many with psychological and addiction problems, come for free advice, dental treatment, medical referrals, clothes and food. As this year’s event nears, I got to thinking of the stories behind the faces…

Gene Poole-Skimmings does a great job on the piano here. He may be a pain in the behind, but when he quits moaning about getting paid and complaining that the groupies he brings back to his room leave when they sober up and realize that they are not at the Hyatt Regency but at the Red Roof Inn, he can actually tickle those ivories.


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