Wild and Windy Shore



Over New Year my family traveled to the North Carolina coast, passing through Scotland County along the Cape Fear river, the centre of Highland Scottish immigration 250 years ago. Standing on the beach, it was hard not to think of home over the sea, mine as well as theirs.

The image in the last verse was inspired by a photograph of my daughter Aoife taken a few months ago on a wild and windy shore in Scotland. It seemed to cry out for a romantic story to be built around it. It also inspired me to cobble together a video, partly in the hope that looking at pretty pictures might distract the listener from my voice.

In keeping with the song’s Scottishness, it only uses royalty-free pictures that were free on the internet, apart from the picture of Aoife, of course. The usual apologetic disclaimer applies to the voice and “musicianship.” It’s a demo, not a finished product. A decent singer with a good band might be able to do something with this. I suppose I’d better apologize for the video quality too, and of course also for the number of apologies in this paragraph.

Copyright Gavin Sinclair 2016


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